SAID the bot, v.1

This was one of my first projects, as theĀ final project for cs50 (Michael Smith, fall 04).The bot is called SAID (conventiently comes to Simple Artificial Intelligence Demo but is really named after Seyyid Said the 19th Century Sultan of Zanzibar). It’s a rule-based bot based on Richard Wallace’s ALICE and Joseph Weizenbaum’s ELIZA. I modifed ALICE by moving the AIML rules to MySQL and adding some processing phases (spell checking, synoname replacement, introducing some errors etc) and adding an explicit training interface. Included here is the first generation bot. The second generation will have a conversation memory module to allow it keep track of topics over longer intervals (maybe using a stack). Ultimately I want to move past explict rule-based systems to a Markov Chain-driven learning bot with elementary language modelling